Oscar has been the perfect way to start getting fit without feeling embarrassed of my obvious lack of fitness and flexibility. Knowledgable and fun to work with, I would recommend Oscar to everyone.

Honourable Tom C

Oscar is young and enthusiastic and just what I needed to get me out of bed at 6.45 three mornings a week to fit him in before work! He started me off slowly so no ghastly pulled muscles and soon had me moving up through the stages so that the workout was more thorough by the day. One needs to catch them young in order to get them when it fits your diary – so don’t hesitate.


We all know how important it is to keep fit, but it’s very easy to think about it and do very little. Our lovely dog forces us to walk with him every morning, but then we rush into our offices for an awful lot of sedentary activity. So we’ve recruited Oscar for a weekly keep fit session. He’s marvellous at getting all our muscles doing something – but is careful not to overload the ones that are hurting! One of the best things is that he has lots of different exercises and they don’t last too long, so just as you’re beginning to strain, you can move on to the next one. And, Oscar will come to your home – what could be a better way of tackling winter lethargy!

Julia Hailes

Oscar has transformed me! He is extremely knowledgeable, paces everything absolutely right for each individual and varies every session so one can never be complacent. I highly recommend Oscar to everyone, whatever their fitness level.

Sara S

After retiring from the police service in 2013 I had been looking to improve my level of fitness (which was very poor) and lose some weight. I did join a local gym, but didn’t enjoy attending and felt that I needed some external motivation and guidance. I contacted Oscar Evans after he had placed a notice in a local magazine advertising his services as a personal trainer. At our first meeting it was clear that he has a passion for fitness as well as a good knowledge and know-how. He also has excellent communication skills which include critical thinking and effective listening. Most important for me he is also empathetic and compassionate. My previous experience of gym instructors has been that it is not uncommon for them to ‘look down’ on people who are overweight and unfit. I have been working with Oscar for just over three months and for me the results have been beyond my expectations. Following Oscar’s guidance on diet and a personally tailored program I have lost over two and a half stone, my fitness level and general wellbeing have increased considerably and I actually enjoy attending the classes, because they are fun. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Oscar as a personal trainer. His results with me are a testament to his skills. He is a great motivator who has gently pushed me to achieve better and continuously improve. I have felt supported and inspired by him on each step that I have taken. I am happy to discuss this reference and can be contacted on 07970-665970.

Clive Chamberlain

Oscar has been great for getting me back into shape and for helping towards getting me fit, not just for skiing but for life itself. He will arrange a training programme to suit your needs and will take into consideration any aches and pains but at the same time will make sure you work to your fullest capacity. I couldn’t recommend him more as a kind and reliable trainer.

Lady Julia C