About you

You don’t have to be fit to get started – we all have our weaknesses and no one is immune, so why not challenge yourself? After all, this is about you.

Limitations may be dictated by general initial fitness, but as long as there is not a medical reason as to why you shouldn’t exercise, you can start at your level – within your limitations and with the knowledge that those limitations will stretch, as your body adjusts and your fitness improves.

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Sara S

Limitations may also come from the mind: a lack of confidence, issues with body image, embarrassment or a fear of trying something new. Working on a ‘one to one’ or within a small group, we can address these issues together and – as you start to see and feel positive physical results – you will also benefit psychologically as your self-confidence increases.

We will start with a consultation where you will be required to fill in a brief medical history form and then discuss with me your objectives, concerns and goals. If you wish, I will also take a little time to talk about your nutritional intake and see if small changes can be made to enhance your journey to fitness. You may already be partaking in a sport or other exercise on a regular basis. Training with me, we can work towards increasing your fitness and stamina levels and focus on particular areas of weakness. I will make sure each session is fun and laughter is definitely encouraged. Constantly varying the routines will also ensure that you remain motivated, energized and happy.